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Capture or output data in a defined layout
Extensible Markup Language
Create document for PDF output
Sketchups, brochures, product sheets or business cards
When you don't need to merge data from XML
Digiforms Designer allows you to create simple documents for direct print, like brochures, product sheets or business cards. Allthough the standard XSL:FO is based on transforming and matching template to XML data, Digiforms Designer can easilly create an xml document behind the scenes to allow for simplified document production.
To set up a simple document:
  • Choose a paper format
  • Create page(s) and content
  • Click the PRINTER icon to generate document
Choose a paper format
Paper size, orientation and dividing page into regions
XSL-FO supports several ways to control the page dimensions and orientation for genetated documents.

A more thorough documentation of page layouts can be found in the following article:
By default, Digiforms Designer presents a new document as a single A4 portrait page, with header and footer. Alter the page layout as desired by clicking the layout selection menu. A document can consist of several page layouts applicable to the generated pages.

Layout and region menu

Controlling page layout
Create page(s) and content
Add images, tables or other content to the page template(s)
The Digiforms Designer user interface is designed to be similar to industry standard  text-editing or content authoring tools. Select desired object from the OBJECT menu, and place into the page body or region.
To control what region of the page should be edited, select desired region from the REGION menu.

Adding objects from object menu
It is important that BODY region contains objects, otherwise FOP will fail to generate PDF output.
Click the PRINTER icon to generate document
When you have added desired content to your document, click the PRINTER icon to open the PDF generation dialog.
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